Please note that NWT is now NWC Express Shuttle. Along with the name change are several changes to a variety of elements of our business, so please read the below.

We are only running one shuttle per day and it varies on who is booked and for when they are booked.

Any and all cancellations are now $25.00 up to 72 hours before your trip If it is between 24-72 hours it is $50.00 and if it is 24 hours or less it is full price. That is for each direction so if you have a round trip the cancel fee applies to each trip. Private shuttle cancellations are $100 each way.

The rates have changed due to our lovely gas prices. If you are the only passenger for the day there is a additional fee due to the fact that we cant operate on just one persons rate. Luggage is limited to 1 checked bag and one carry on per person.

Our passengers are allowed 1 checked bag and 1 carry one for each person. If you have more you must inform us at time of reservation.

The shuttle runs 7 days a week by reservation and the Office is open Monday thru Friday 8 Am to 5 Pm. Central time. Please leave a message if no one answers as I am either on the phone or stepped away from the desk. This is a one person office and though I am not open on the weekends if you leave a message and it cannot wait until Monday I will do my best to check and respond as necessary.


We thank you for your business and hope you have a great day!